This is my first time trying out this new feature. Thank you WHI for letting me try this out!


I wanted to write my first article on being "cool" (do people even use this word to describe someone anymore??)

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these dogs are definitely cool
What does being "cool" even mean? You have lots of things? You are popular? You have expensive things? You are able to do lots of things?

For me at least, I think being "cool" is about accepting yourself and having self confidence.

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she is confident enough to take a picture of herself in public. she is also confident with her body and doesn't mind showing off a little bit of skin.
There is no true definition of being "cool".

There are no rules that you need to follow in order to become "cool".

You just need to have confidence in yourself and feel comfortable. If you think that your new shirt is really pretty on you, it becomes cool! That test you think you just aced makes you cool! That photo you are proud of on Instagram makes you cool! If you think that the new colour of your hair really suits you, that makes you cool!

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What really matters is if you find yourself cool! People's opinions don't really matter because this is your life and you are free to live however you'd like!

I'm still trying to work on becoming "cool" myself, but I think I'm slowly getting there.

All of this doesn't really matter in the long run. It's just another label after all.


When I first joined WHI, I named my collections "am i cool yet?" because I thought all of the posts that I saw were pretty cool. I categorized them and still add to them today! This also inspired me to write my first article.

+ many more collections i made!


Thank you so much for this opportunity, @weheartit! I enjoyed writing this article and I hope you enjoyed reading this! ♡