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so i'm probably going to get a lot of backlash for this and honestly? that's fine by me?

so like basically there's been all this blacklivesmatter and whitelivesmatter stuff ( does whitelivesmatter exist correct me ) and i'm not saying that i'm opposed to them or anything, because yes, everyone's lives do matter in some way, whether you like it or not.

and i understand that blacklivesmatter has a big emphasis on it because of all the racist crap and mistreatment that blacks do get in the modern world.

but EVERYONE'S lives matter. which includes asians.
( personally for me, chinese especially but this is from my perspective so a large amount is on chinese )

blacks ( while their treatment is worse, but i still need to call this out becaus no one does and i'm not saying this is worse ) do get mistreated, and there are racist things against blacks.

but chinese ( specifically from person experience ), although this may not apply to all age groups and only about high school stuff, we do get discriminated as well when it comes specifically to education.

i'm going to put it out there- chinese are a bit more skilled in education especially since we have incredibly overbearing guardians, etc, in my case, that put a lot of pressure on education. this is coming from personal experience, like i have acquaintances that don't go out or anything because they're stuck in prep school every day. there's kids that are like six that have the newest iphone or something and like i just look at them and i'm like ' i didn't even get a phone until i was eleven and that was a flip phone '.

so coming from someone who does know people, who has applied for schools, and this is a trend, chinese basically have to do better than everyone else for schools. i know some people that just because they have a chinese last name like liu, or chen or something like that not get in to the specialized high schools when they scored a 722 and another person of a different ethnicity ( who got into the same school the former applied to ) scored a 676. i've have cousins not get into a prestigious school with a grade fifty points higher than a white person who got in.

so i'm not saying that chinese go through worse. i just wanted to bring it up because no one ever mentions it and going to a dinky high school even if you're smart, honestly, makes you a target and really, it brings people's morale down.