Stress is as natural to humans as conversing.

Every human out there has tendencies to worry and other-think, as normal as it is it's never a nice feeling because you experience negative side effects; sadness, bad habits (nail biting), physical symptoms (sweating) and overall it just isn't an enjoyable feeling/mood to be in.

The mass majority of us try to change our stressed moods as soon as we start feeling that way, we want relaxation to replace the worried thoughts.

So, as long as you understand that worrying is natural, and almost healthy to some extent, it will pass, but if you really can't have stress added to your plate then trying to change moods to a more relaxed pace and mind-set is perfectly fine.

At this point you're probably wondering "well, how do I achieve relaxation and get rid of negative thoughts, cause I can never seem to get there?"

Well, i'll tell you with tips that I have collected over an extended period of time, through personal experiences and what works for a lot of people!


PRACTICAL TIPS (no pre-buying needed) :

I) Take a long warm bath.
It works!

ii) List the pros and cons of the situation making you stressed.
Weigh where you could improve and slowly start at that. This one is relatively slow if your problem is big but it all adds up!

ii) Take a nap.
This works because most of the time you wake up feeling not stressed so you will have time to address the issue in a "not stressed" mind-set that could help you find a solution quicker/more efficiently than before.

iv) Talk to someone you like.
Not only will your social life gain from this (haha), but your mental self will too.
"They found that engaging in brief (10 minute) conversations, in which participants were instructed to get to know another person, resulted in boosts to their subsequent performance on an array of common cognitive tasks."
It basically boosts your mental sharpness which could help with you too, tackling your reason for being stressed whilst also feeling somewhat relaxed.

v) Identify what you can and cannot do.
By doing this you will be able to know what you need to improve on and what you shouldn't beat your self up about.

OUT-OF-THE-WAY TIPS (Possible pre-buying, more physical activity) :

I) Write in a journal or express your feelings in some way.
If you are alone verbally vent to yourself, write in a journal, draw a picture - do something that you can pore your thoughts on to. It is a very therapeutic method.

ii) Eat/drink.
Eat your favourite foods as dopamine is realised into the brain when eating foods/drinks that you like (particularly sweety items which a lot of people like). Don't over-do it though!

iii) Exercise.
This may seem nightmare worthy to a lot of you out there (including me!) but even slight movement can relax the brain.
Yoga is a good one but not everyone knows how to do that so small stretches can still benefit you just as much, remember you're doing this for your brain not your weight so no cardio is necessary!!

iv) Meditate/basic relaxation techniques.
relaxation techniques as in stress balls etc