you won’t see this but i really hope you know that you are the one i want standing at the altar with me. you are my hopes & dreams & aspirations. you are my anchor as well as my cloud nine. you’re the girl in my daydreams & night visions. you’re my first thought when i wake & my last thought before my eyes shut. cliche, i know, but you make me this goofy & giddy person when your name pops up on my phone. you’re the One & i wouldn’t trade the world for anything less than you. some say i deserve better, but you are my better. you’re the entire galaxy. your skin is pure diamond & stardust. your eyes are milky way cosmos. your lips are rose petals. your mind is an endless black hole i desire to swim in. your soul is the deepest trench, engulfing me. i love you more than anything i could ever write for you. you are more than every word, every dollar, every photograph, every cent, every kiss, every love. you are my home.