There are many things I enjoy in life, such as food, films, my bed... But one thing I love the most is able to wake up everyday, knowing that today I can make it better than yesterday.

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I also love quotes....

My life isn't all sunshine and rainbows but let's face it, who's is? Everyone tries to hide behind illusions of fantasies but once reality is shown, it's like everything is lost. We become hopeless and except that nothing will change and that we will forever remain in a downward spiral.

Can I tell you a secret?

Nothing is forever. If you're like me and is struggling through immense pain, well let me give you an advice. Don't think that you are worthless. You are a beautiful person, who will not only make the people around you proud but yourself proud. You will achieve your goals, nothing is too high to achieve if you put your mind to it.

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You are not worthless, lovely. You are a fighter and sometimes fighters need their strength to come back in order to win the battle.

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Other than that, I shall soon write again lovelies,