Something that i constantly tell myself is that i should always work hard no matter what. Always focus on my goals and work towards them, so that i dont disappoint myself or others. The thing is, sometimes, i find myself working hard to please others and to be what others expect me to be. But i cant blame anyone but myself. I am the one that lacks confidence to be brave and strong. I have so many dreams and things i want to accomplish but i dont have the guts to do them. Im my own biggest obstacle. And its something that im really trying to work on, but it is definitely not easy at all. I find myself doubting, and that kills any sparkle of motivation i may find in me.

There's a specific project i want to work on, that if it is successful, would change my life completely. But there are a lot of things stopping me from doing it. But at the same time, it feels like something i HAVE TO do, its something ive wanted since i can remember, but im not brave enough to do it.

I know you probably dont care about my story, but i wanted to share it anyway. Because maybe you're feeling the same way. I always think that everyone else has their life together and im the only one that doesnt. Or i often think that "having my life together" is doing what im supposed to do according to my family or society. But its not. We should focus on us, and have priorities. Dreams can come true, but its only up to us. And im writing this to tell myself that i can do it, and i will do it. I will try my best to do it, cause if i fail, i want to fail cause "it wasnt the time for me" or something, not because i didnt even try.