When a barbarian points the sword at you, it like if that pointed one is rocking in such a visceral way that the cold in the stomach is undisputed, of those who remain until they become warm as when a scratch on their skin. You look at those eyes so full of hate, and you, who have no weight on your shoulders ask yourself why your conscience has gained a few pounds being that you have consciously done nothing. When you know a guilt, you have already donned a armor for that weapon, but when the hate of others wishes you to kill you, without you even having the knowledge before, it feels like you were playing a beggar in the middle of the coliseum. It gives that adrenaline that looks like it was injected. You know that such a barbarian cannot hurt you now, but you fear the next move, and that goes far beyond a collision of ideas or a simple physical and fleshly war. It becomes a psychological struggle, incessantly trying to afflict the other. The barbarian is a rational being, what turned him into a barbarian, was something that mobilized his life and now is up to you. Your mind tries to take logical outputs, seek the reason for such animalistic rage. Some attitude, some mistake, everything starts to emerge in your memory.

But you see, all you did was follow your life quietly. What did my steps, in my way ... did in the way of another? Maybe that's it, maybe it's that, your mind comes to a conclusion. And to relieve that nervous burning in your stomach, your mind takes that found motive as an unquestionable truth. Maybe it's right? Maybe it's wrong? Your mind no longer wants to hear. But what about the barbarian? Does he have good endole? Is he a carnivore? Is he just chaotic? Is he acting that way in a flexible enough way for a conversation? You finally answer. With a look. A look that says a lot of what you think so much. It was not a look of hate. Is an afraid look? Of understanding? Kind ? Sadness? Probably all of this in an enigmatic mix, but just like you, the barbarian's mind has already taken its truth that would be truly that.

He can soon distort and call his look of contempt, but this barbarian, so ... indescribable, just turned his back after the threat. He did not want to see another sight, he would not hesitate to hurt you, he was moved by hatred. Filling you with thoughts that so torture your mind until you make a conclusion. It's best not to react. You'd better not run away. It is better not to see this as a threat, but as a triviality from day to day. Bad of course, but you should not let your mind break in this psychological game. One should see the gifts of the little things you look around, get distracted, watch the playful, and keep the main thing in mind. Your conscience is clear. You're not to blame for anything. Absolutely nothing.