In black families, when you say you have depression or some kind of mental (not crazy/mad) problem and need help, three things happen

1- they beat the sh*t out of you, cause apparently that's how they think probems get solved

2- they ignore you and your problem and called you weak/lazy

3- The classic "Is because you're not working. Once you start and have money you won't feel depressed anymore" = the hell we're spending money to send you to therapy.

And before you start asking what do I even know about black people and black families, I am black and have lived and seen many black families. So this article comes from experience. it also might be that I was very unlucky with black families, but most of them, still have a very narrowed mindset. Is not a hate post, I just wanted the media to highlight the problems of both sides, white and black families without being biased all the time.

the new generation knows that everyone should have the same rights, opportunies but also not purposely ignore or highlight only certain problems of each other. Nothing is only black and only white. Black can be white, white can be black, the world is a big shade of various colors.

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So black and white people can be racists, entilteld, arrogant, shallow, pedophiles, abuser, drug addicts, violent, judgy, and so on..

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just like those same people can be the total opposites. Just don't buy onto anything the media sells you. Think, watch Game of thrones(while focusing on characters such as Theon&Jaimie) and then say what you think about the current situation in a respectful manner. thank you.