New York the city of dreams. Was I really here? I still couldn't fathom that I was getting off the plane headed straight into the heart of Manhattan. The skyline followed us the whole journey into the city. Time flew by and before I knew it, I was standing in the centre of Times Square. I eagerly watched all the commotion. Car horns and chatty New Yorkers filled the square with a lively buzz. You could smell the humidity - they don't call it the concrete jungle for nothing! It was only 4 pm and my hair was already a frizz ball. A couple hours later after we had checked into our hotel and unpacked we were ready to take the subway to the Empire State Building. The Subway. Probably the most talked about thing in New York despite the buildings. Everyone has something to say about the Subway. Whether it smelled, seemed dangerous or they were greeted with rude New Yorkers. People's judgments and story's had spread all over the world and the NYC subway had gotten all the bad reputations people had given it. I was nervous heading in but was pleasantly surprised. I mean it smelled a little but not at one point did I not feel safe. Finally, we had arrived at the Empire State Building and I could not believe the size of it. It was huge! Lucky for us the queue went fast and in no time we were shuffling into the elevator to take us to the top. I felt like the doors were opening in slow motion as we arrived on the 86th floor. I eagerly pushed myself to the front making apologetic gestures as I went by. I was so focused to see the views I didn't hear their replies. I couldn't hide my excitement as I rushed to the nearest window. The view was outstanding. I could see the whole of New York from up there. Everything was more peaceful from up above. You could no longer hear the car horns and general noise. Maybe just the click of tourist's cameras. I was completely mesmerised by the scenery. 86 floors up I could still see the busy traffic and tiny figures rushing across the road and filling the streets but it felt calm and oddly peaceful. The sky was bright and the tall dark buildings complemented the light clouds dusting the sky. Our hour had finally caught up with us and it was time to leave. But the view will stay with me forever.

Love, K.

city black