16 things I learned before 16:
1. You will fall a lot, you will fall down, off, over, under, through, out and into things. Some will be unpleasant, some will be good, but in the end there is no denying that you will learn from each experience and it will be valuable.
2. You will get hurt. It sucks, you’ll get physically hurt, you’ll scream, you’ll bleed, you’ll cry, you’ll beat yourself up over being so clumsy. You may have your heart broken, you’ll scream and cry then to, hopefully you won’t bleed but you’ll still walk away with scars.
But you’ll survive, you’ll have a story to tell and a scar to explain.
3. You will face disappointments, you won’t pass every test, you won’t make friends with everyone you meet, you won’t get to kiss everyone you like and you can’t take back words you carelessly spew out. But you’ll learn from your mistakes, you’ll become more realistic, you’ll expect less and give more, you’ll appreciate serendipities.
4. You will realize how important music is. All those words and things you wish you could say are hidden between the lyrics of songs you listen to on repeat and full volume. You’ll listen to music when you’re sad, happy, angry, tired, stressed, whenever, you’ll listen to music whenever.
5. You will have tried new things and loved some of them and hated others. Without knowing it, we try something new almost everyday, it can be small or it can be huge. You will love some new things and incorporate them into your new life so that they no longer become new but habitual. You will hate some new things and do all you can to avoid them, and that’s okay, some things aren’t your thing and you accept that and move on.
6. You will probably encounter a tragedy, big or small, either way it impacts you and no matter how much you do or don’t talk about it, it’s okay, do what you need to do to live with what happened but know when you need to move on and grow. That doesn’t mean you just have to wipe it from your memory and act as if it never happened, you just can’t do that sometimes. Grow over it: new flowers, same roots.
7. You have to make that big choice by choosing subjects that are ultimately going to shape your future. Scary. And many people have no idea what they want to do or be, and that’s okay, it’s natural. It’s not everyday that you get to wake up and know just what you want to do with your future. The best advice I can give you is to sit yourself down and think: “What do I want in my future?” Do you want money? Power? Comfortable living? A lowkey lifestyle? To travel? To do something you hate but live well? To do something you love and live scraping the barrel? To do something that showcases and uses your talents? It’s up to you. And this is one of those moments when you trust your gut, don’t listen to others. Please.
8. No matter how independent you are, you are going to need people sometimes. When your heart is scattered all over the floor in a million pieces, it’s soothing to have someone help you pick up your fragile pieces. You will need someone to make you soup and tea when you are sick. You will want someone or something to keep you company, be it an animal or a human, it’ll help.
9. Reading is good for you. I know it may not always be considered cool, but reading a book opens your mind up and improves your thinking more than you realize. You can tell the difference between a reader and someone who doesn’t read, in the way they talk, think and write, it’s just one of those things.
10. Everyone has an awkward stage. Spots, scrawny arms, lanky legs and body odor or whatever it is, it’s all natural and all part of the process. Don’t stress too much.
11. You’ve probably had to tell someone not to kill themselves, be it yourself or someone else. You’ve had to convince them that the great struggle that is life, is worth working through. Beauty is found in the struggle and life is one big adventure. Easier said than done, I know.
12. Snitches get stitches. There is a fine line between being loyal and trustworthy and knowing when it’s the right time to say something, find that that line. Keep people’s secrets, a reputation as a big mouth is never easily forgotten.
13. Be kind. You have no idea what someone is going through, so give them a break. Kindness is free and even on your worst days it takes little to no effort to smile at someone.
14. Be proud of where you are from, your roots are your roots no matter how hard you try to hide them or be something you are not. Be proud of your nationality, your religion, your culture, your beliefs, be proud of what makes you, you.
15. The world is always changing. Stay informed, watch or read the news, know whats going on, stand up for what you believe in, join movements, lead your generation, make an impact no matter how big or small it might be because everyone has the possibility to change the world.
16. Living can be hell, but oh wow, it’s the best adventure you can ever go on. On the good days we are thankful that we made it through the bad days and on the bad days we hold on to hope that we haven’t even lived some of the best days of our lives yet. It’s all so worth it.