How in the year 2017 white supremacists/Neo Nazist have the right to

1- protest 2 - have rights 3-exist ??????

I always thought the US and their usual problems could go F themself and

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that's what I always thought. We europeans have aleardy so many problems, figures If I also have to deal with US's. But then Trump appeared and I'm having the feeling that if US were to go on war they will find a way to involve european countries as well even if we citizens wouldn't F CARE NOR WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THEIR SH*TSHOW.


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Do americans knows about this thing called IMPEACHMENT alien to them?

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Like, is it more complicated than what I think it is or you just don't have the guts/will power to do it or even try it? explain please. Come with whatever excuse you want but

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The general opinions that europeans have of americans are: the country of freedom, the american dream, hamburger, 9/11, obama, trump and the 1000000000 wars they're are involved in because of economic gain.

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Everyday I see this pic and I wish there really was a button to reset all of this craziness

I'm so tired of this. sigh. fix yourself US before it gets out of hand. please.