Ok we all know school can be so annoying, like at the start of Term 3 I was so excited to do school, but now it's the end of Week 6 and I'm over it. Most recently I have been commented by a lot of my peers about how oraganised I was. So I'm sharing my ORGANISATION TIPS to you guys.

Have a Planner: It may sound like you have to buy the most fantastic and cutest planner book, but it's to much money. But I bought a Rose Gal planner diary and it was only like $3 at Kmart, it is saving my life right now and it might save yours as well. In mine I write my homework, assessment date, what I need to do in the week and helps me plan on what I want to do on the September holidays.

Pencil Case: Yup having a pencil case is organisation 101, it keeps all of your pencils, pens, rubbers, ruler/s, whiteout, highlighters and many other things. I bought a smiggle pencil case it is amazing it's small, but has so much space.

Reminders: On any device it should have a reminders app, it can remind you when stuff is due, homework, appointments (teachers) and other stuff. This can be an option if you don't want to buy a planner book.

There are many organisation tips you can look at. My favourite sites are Pinterest and We❤️It. Hope these options helped, stay positive and happy. Love u all