I make intentions on an ancient star's fleeting breath and I see synchronicities in the time.

I contemplated the skies until they taught me that I am the energy I radiate. I dream of residing in a vortex.

I believed that I was experiencing existence through horoscopes while you were below the Capricorn and I was above the Cancer. I would give up the Tropic for equatorial inseparableness in the blink of a eye.

While my eyes were shut and imagining euphoria, I could never tell what was going on behind yours. I am submerged in my own universe and never saw the genesis coming.

I have never taken reality seriously. I was too fearless to doubt because it was right in my reach.

I processed your response and everything I knew vanished.

The planets do not align for me. They have no choice. The Sturgeon moon moves on quicker than I do. My eyes are a heavy October rain.

I escape my thoughts after gazing at the celestial bodies and wondering why.

My thoughts are clear and I return to consciousness in paradise. The stone of Lapis reassures and enlightens me.

You avoid stepping on the shattered glass of your past and have decided to resolve. It takes time like the symbiotic moon and tide.

I understand destiny. What can be done without experience? The stars are going to lead The Scales to me in time.

I will always make intentions on an ancient star's fleeting breath and see synchronicities in the time.