Hey guys. So this is article writing. I don't plan on using this much, if at all, because I don't really think I have much I feel like writing about most of the time, but I figure I'd use as Whi has given me early access cause ya girl got CLOUT if you didn't know (NOT REALLY I MEAN--). I'm guessing articles will end up being like lifestyle stuff, diaries, and fanfiction. Oh boy I hope it ends up real smutty that would be hilarious.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to all the followers I've been getting (mainly since I started uploading Kpop stuff I think) and kind of introduce myself. What's up guys, I'm Senya. 18 years old. American. I started on We Heart It years ago and honestly a third of the stuff on here I find embarrassing but I'm building a digital shrine to Korean popstars, so like ???? who am I to judge ???? But I also really love a lot of the art on here.

Okay so this was pretty pointless but yeah - I just wanted to acknowledge that I'm a person, and all my followers are people and I appreciate y'all. Let's be friends.

I wish there was a way to comment on posts. Who doesn't want this??? I want commenting so bad. Feel free to message me if anybody wants and don't feel scared if I randomly send you something I hope it won't be annoying.

OKAY THAT'S IS PRETTY LAME BUT CUTE COVER IMAGE HUH??? I'LL UPLOAD ALL THE CUTE WALLPAPERS I'VE FOUND SOON PROBABLY TO "Growing things" OR "minimal & aesthetic or wtf ever I named that collection".