Considered by many the Game of the Year of 2015, Undertale is now available on the PS4 and PS Vita. Originally released on PC and Mac, the game was praised for its writing and the way it is inspired by 16-bit era RPGs - like Earthbound and Final Fantasy VI - while presenting many original ideas, all tied together by an excellent plot.

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The premise is simple: Undertale is the game where no one has to die. Most (if not all) RPGs rely heavily on the well-tested formula of Attacking, Healing, Gaining EXP, Rinse and Repeat to provide the core mechanics of their games, on which players spend most of their time when not talking to NPCs or seeing the story move along. Undertale breaks that formula by making every enemy unique (resulting in very distinct battles) and giving the player the choice of not murdering everyone along the way. Such choices develop the story and can result in three distinct runs: the Pacifist Route, the Neutral Route, and the Genocide Route.

But the characters are where the game transcends its art form and goes on to become a classic. After spending some hours with Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, and crew, it's hard not to miss them and start another playthrough. Each of these characters has a very distinct personality, motivations, and relationships that bring them to life. Even oh-so-boring Alphys has her moments.

Add to the mix a state of the art soundtrack (check out one of my favorite pieces here:, a fantastic villain, a great plot, wrap it all up in a sweet 16-bit package, and voilà: you have a masterpiece. If you haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and start right now. Immerse yourself in a beautiful (although small) world with charming inhabitants and enjoy a masterfully crafted piece of art that will be remembered and praised for many years to come.

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