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Hi there, my name is Brioni and I've never done this before, but I can tell I'm going to enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy x

Without further ado..

in a happy place...
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Ever just have the idealistic, warm toned reality in your head ? Where problems don't exist and it's just you, your loved ones, food, and nature... here it is, in pictures. Stay comfy, friends

'in a happy place' isn't a collection about actual places at all. it's about a feeling, a state of mind. My favourite thing about photography is that the artist can translate specific feelings through their pictures. This collection ( as well as a few others I've linked at the bottom) is a compilation of all the images that depict a warm and comforting feeling and create this little happy place in my head. And hopefully in yours too. did that make sense ? i hope that made sense.

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"my happy place is right here with you"

✧・゚: *✧my happy 'places'✧: *✧・

  • sunny afternoons
  • long road trips
  • the last day of school
  • laying in bed till noon
  • a nice cup of tea
  • pizza nights with friends
  • crisp autumn morings
  • warm summer afternoons
  • beach days
  • camp fires
  • a good nights sleep
  • adventuring through fields
  • forest walks
  • quiet meadows
  • long showers
  • thunderstorms
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Perhaps a happy place isn't a place at all...

Thank you all so much for reading, I really appreciate it. Please leave me feedback and feel free to request what you want to see next. I love you all. I'll be back with another one of these very soon


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