That place, that tree where we used to pass our times?
That road we used to fallow?
That song we used to listen to?
Does all these remind you of something, of sometimes?
Of a feeling that you used to feel from your hands to your feet?
I do, I do remember all of that.
Maybe it was a long time ago, maybe not.
Maybe I used to return on that road at that tree.
And play the song we used to love.
And feel your hands, feel your kiss.
Maybe sometimes I cried
and I ask myself what did I do to lose you?
I know you keep on saying that it’s not my fault.
But if it wasn’t, who was it?
Does it was the feeling?
Or the song, or the tree, or the road?
Because I used to love all of those things.
And you used to also.
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know what to feel.
You seem to know.
And please tell me.
How to forget that road, that tree, that song.
And the most important,
that feeling.
How can I forget a feeling that keeps me alive?
Please, tell me.
How can you forget those moments?
Maybe you don’t,
but how can you live with that?
How can you?