Chapter 1

I loose myself in my thoughts, feeling people gazing at me. I bet they ain't never seen a new student before, apart from seventh graders. Absentmindedly walking, still lost in my train of thought, I bump into someone.

She turned and looked at me, gawking. "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" A girl said, and I looked at her properly. Her face was covered in light makeup, just enough to accent her flaming red hair and soft brown eyes.

I wanted to say something nice, tell her it was fine, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, I didn't want to hurt her, so I brushed her off saying, "Yeah, whatever," continuing on to my room. I didn't want to get too close to anyone knowing that I could lose control at any moment.

Wandering through the school I found it, not wanting to socialise with the people at the front desk of the office, or with the seventh graders that would have given me strange looks.

As I walked into the empty room I sighed. Well, it wasn't completely empty, it had a few beds, some desks, a bathroom, wait. A few beds, meaning I was going to be having roommates. Great.

Depositing my stuff in a section of the closet and putting my toothbrush and various toiletries into the bathroom, quite neatly, may I add, I lay down on a bed with my headphones on, music blaring.


Part way through a song, just an hour later, I heard the door open, and on instinct sat straight up, looking at the people entering the room. There was two males, one with dirty auburn hair, who looked fairly excited, and the other with silver hair.

The silver-haired male smiled, gesturing for me to remove my headphones, which I did, and gave them a slight nod acknowledging their presence.

"Hey, I'm-" he started, before being cut off by the eager looking, auburn-haired guy. "Hi, the names James, nice to meet ya. I have heard about you, kinda. Well I heard that you were coming and that you were gonna be our roommate. I bet were gonna get along just fine, I'm James by the way." He rambled, almost shouting, and repeating the last phrase. "Oh whoops, I already said that, I guess I get excited easily.''

I looked at James, and nodded again, uncomfortable with the situation. "Sorry about that, I'm En, and that is not a nickname by the way." Said the calmer of the two. I tried to smile at them, but ended up wincing instead. I lost my touch with people after a few years of exile. I guess that's what being alone does to you. That, and the fear of getting too close to someone, only to hurt them in the end.


"Oh, Theo, did you get your timetable yet?" En asked as we were playing cards. Usually I would skip out, I planned on staying away from people when I came here, but I didn't consider the fact that people might actually want to be friends with me.

I forgot the feeling of being cared about over the years, the feeling of having friends that trust you, that depend on you, just like you can rely on them.

"And, do you have any queens?" As I looked at the other two boys, I internally smiled. "Go fish, and yeah, I still have to look at it though."

"Theo, aces?" James asked.

I just might have a good year after all

Chapter 2

"So, Theo, what classes you got?" James asked as he peered over my shoulder in an attempt to read my timetable. "Just the basic classes; math, english, science, magyk training, PE and history." I replied, drawling my words out.

"You're so boring, Theo. Live a little! Do the fun classes, and all the training classes. They will get you a good job as a hero, and easy marks." James whined, tugging my arm. "Come on, let's go see if we can get you to change classes, it'll be fun."

Looking him in the eyes, I jerked my arm from his grasp, glaring at him. "No." I stated. "I need to do these classes, it was one of the terms of coming here in my last year," I lied smoothly, not even thinking about what I was saying. I had already practised my backstory enough, so much so that I almost believed it myself.

There were few flaws in my plan, the fact that I can't use magyk unless I transform, the fact that I loose all control when I transform, and the fact that I can transform into the demon at any moment, unless I restrain myself.

And to restrain myself I had to stay calm, and keep my emotions intact so the beast won't feed of my anger or sadness, and get stronger than it already is.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

There it goes again, my heart pounding, energy being drained from my body like water from a sink.

Mentally I placed a plug to stop me from loosing all my energy. I can't have myself fainting can I? That would end up being a disaster.

When I am unconscious, it can take over in an instant, which is why I was isolated for so long. Because of the damage I caused when I let it take control. It was all my fault that they died. That so many people died. It was all my fault.

"Theo, are you even listening to me?" I looked at James, realising that my gaze had travelled to the blank wall across the room.

"Give him a break, James. He probably doesn't want to hear you ramble on about teachers right now, do you Theo?" En butted in, and I gave them a small nod.

"Aww, but Theo, I have some really good stories. They aren't boring, I promise." The yellow eyed boy complained, pouting.

"Bugging him about it isn't going to help, James," the other green eyed boy scolded him, just like a mother would her child. "Theo probably wants to have a nice relaxing evening before school starts tomorrow. It must be rather stressful, moving schools, especially for your last year."

I smiled gratefully at En, and nodded. "There you go, he does smile. Come on James, let Theo get some rest. We've already taken up enough of his time playing cards, which you wanted to do in the first place. It's a big day tomorrow, for all of us."


Fire. Everywhere. Surrounding my body, enveloping me and my surroundings in hot tongues of flames. Screams. Blood smothered and splattered across my body, camouflaged by my deep, red skin, yet illuminated by the blaze as glossy patches, meaning it was fresh.

Pain erupted in my shin, and I looked down at a single arrow that was embedded into my leg, unconsciously ripping it out, and running towards the last few living people in the city, scared.

My sword. I need my sword, to destroy the other part of me. I see my parents, looking at me cautiously, my red tail swaying, wings curled.

"Mum, Dad?" I hear a voice that is mine, but isn't mine say.

"Wake up, Theo!" Said a soft voice, warm and full of care. It reminded me of chocolate, smooth, sweet and so addicting. Turning under my covers towards the source of the melodic sound, I open my eyes, looking at the concerned face of the girl from earlier.

She sighs in relief, and I stand up, only to fall to into the arms of the girl. "What happened? Nobody died right?" I asked, looking into her deep brown orbs, my own green ones showing more emotion than I would like.

"You had a nightmare and started screaming about your parents, a-and your skin turned blood red, and I-I didn't k-know what to do, a-and-"

"Hush, it is all okay now, right? You won't loose me. I'm tougher than you think." I whisper reassuringly, stroking her hair.

Wait, what on earth am I doing? Oh well, this feels nice.

As I pulled away from her embrace, her eyes glossy and wet, on the verge of shedding tears, she muttered something under her breath, barely audible.

"That's what I'm afraid of."