I had back injury last month and I'm trying to heal. Here are my tips to stretches for recovery. Notify that I'm not the health expert or qualified instructor, do on your own risk. These are the stretches that I'm doing right now.

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Start by rolling out your mat. Make sure your surroundings are calm and serene. Have a deep breath and set your mind to peaceful mood.

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Start with this easy stretch, take it easy and take your time, don't push. Just be and breathe.

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Take your time and move to this stretch. Be there as long as you feel comfortable.

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Move back to your seated position. Breathe easily as you slide down to this position. Stretch your both legs. Relax, Don't push.

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In the end, take your time to relax your whole body. Make sure to feel comfortable.

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Thank you. Take the rest of the day easy, drink a lot and eat healthily.

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