Almost everybody does this and if they can't, we have sign language. Talking is one of the first things we learn as babies. But talking isn't what we're doing now.

When you tell a joke or talk about memes or politics, this isn't what I'm talking about. People don't talk about what they feel. I am from the mid-west so talking about going to therapy in public isn't something you do. If you feel the need to cry, you'll wait until you are completely alone to do so. If try to tell someone about how you feel, you're usually pushed off and told to toughen up.

I grew up like that.

The idea of talking isn't scary but the act is terrifying. You feel like you might throw up if you tell someone what the hell has been going on. Then when you do say what the hell has been going on, you feel like you've done something good, maybe a little bit of weight has been lifted off your chest.

When I told someone of authority what the hell has been happening to me, I remember watching as the room became brighter. I felt like I could fly. But what had been happening to me wasn't something that could be closed on, it had to be investigated.

But even before then when I spoke about how I truly felt about things, I remember feeling both good and analyzed.

So here's a metaphor for talking and how you'll feel:
Everyone is a house.
Some are modern, some are old, some are from the 70's but we all have the same interior. Not the living room or kitchen, we have the same wires and insulation. Since everyone is a house, there are a few that have bad wires and if these wires are not replaced they can start a fire.
And any house can have bad wires.
So you'll have to go into said house and rip out the drywall and there will be the wooden frame of the house with the insulation and bad wires. The exposed skeleton of the house is what talking will feel like when you start.

Somene will fix the wires, more than likely it will be yourself. Then after a while with no more bad wires and fewer risks of fires talking will become as easy as opening a door or a window.

Yes, Talking is hard in the beginning but when you start, it's almost like you can't stop. So talk about how you feel, tell a friend, a teacher, a parent. You'll feel better for it.