Google image search aesthetic and tell me what you see. When you see those images pop up, is that what you expected? Is that how you would define the word? I see a wide range of pinks and purples intertwined with depictions that seem unrelated or not normally associated with those colors. But why do we see this?

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Pink Aesthetics

When you hear the word aesthetically pleasing, what does that mean to you? It’s a phrase that’s been thrown around a lot, but for a while, I never really understood what it meant. I just assumed that it meant pretty, clean and closely related to the color white. In essence, aesthetically pleasing means to call something beautiful to the senses. For example, a pleasant scent or a lovely view would be considered aesthetically pleasing, hence why a color coordinate collage that you see almost everywhere these days, would be considered aesthetically pleasing. The layout depends on different environments, but you would most likely find these shots in bedrooms and photos of food.

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Clean and White Aesthetics

What intrigues me is why we like things being so aesthetic. Why do people keep really pretty personal bullet journals? Why do people take time and care to photograph a specific shot of your breakfast? Why does everyone’s Instagram feed seem like it was run by a professional photographer? Supposedly, the feeling you get when you see something made in on order that is organized by color, shape, or size is typically seen as aesthetically pleasing as well. This actually says more about us as humans than you would think. Naturally, we are geared to deviate towards things that show a pattern or clear organization, it gives us a euphoric feeling of calmness and indicates safety.

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Green Aesthetic

As satisfying as aesthetics seem some may see following the same patterns as a lack of originality and creativity. Some may comment that placing a couple of pictures that contain the same color or theme can be simple and unauthentic. In reality, trying to keep aspects of your life aesthetic is a lot more creative than an initial glance. Keeping a diligent journal, playing with photographic edits, organizing photos all shape experience and in doing so shape the mind in different ways. It changes the way think and see the world.

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The best part of aesthetics, in any way you wish to define the word, is how it can be as personal as you want it to be. It could be morphed and shaped in a way that is only recognizable to you. It could be kept a secret, for your eyes only or it could be shared on every social media platform you own. So what does it mean to be “aesthetic”? It means whatever you want it to mean, your aesthetic is letting your creativity be unapologetically and shamelessly your own.

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