I am in love with fall (or autumn.)

I love the colors of the leaves, I love the cool, crisp mornings and the warm afternoons. I love the school football games, homecoming, spirit week, seeing my friends again. Fall feels like my home.
The bugs go back to the fiery inferno they were birthed from, golden hour light becomes even warmer with all the leaves reflecting said light. Fall just feels magical to me.

"and all at once, summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde

Fall is scarf season, jeans and converse season, Peppermint Mocha and PSL's from Starbucks season.
It's jumping into piles of leaves with your friends season, apple cider and doughnut season, frost on the window season.
Fall is glitter sprinkled on the morning grass season.
Fall is the trees and flowers saying, “Goodnight” as they go to sleep until spring. ​​