We've all felt anxious at one point in our lives. Whether we were anxious about a job interview or a test. For, many people anxiety is a part of their daily lives. There are many types of anxiety including generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety.

Those living with anxiety such as myself can experience quickened heartbeat, and feel like they can't breathe. Which, usually result in a panic attack. I thought I would try and help some people out with tips on how to deal with having a panic attack.

Tip 1

Breathe in and out. Just focus on your breathing nothing else. It helps if you inhale for 10 seconds then exhale for 10 seconds.

Tip 2

If you're in public try and find a quiet place where you gather yourself and your thoughts. If possible go somewhere with dim lighting. If you can't go somewhere quiet keep breathing and try to think of something else than what might be triggering the attack.

Tip 3

If you're by yourself at home try and call a friend or family member. They can help talk you through it and distract you. Those are my top three tips for dealing with a panic attack. I hope it helps some people out.