Have you ever danced with lust?
Have you ever swayed with it & ponder how it has so many moves. The way its so graceful when you need it to be but when it’s you’re turn to take the lead, the dance all of a sudden is aggressive and fast paced.
Yet knows how to follow your intricate footwork & create a new dynamic. It’s lust specialty after all. Lust can dip you while glaring at you as if there is a surprise coming….and you want that surprise. Maybe a lift or a slide or a dramatic ending. Sure, lust can be flexible but prefers to work on it’s time. And it can be so inviting that you never want to stop this intense and thrilling movement. But then, what happens when you do? Some continue on with their day. Some ponder on when lust will return. But I wonder of a time when lust is too old to dance anymore. Then what are you left with?