As summer comes to a close, hanging out with your friends becomes a must on your to do list. If you're like me and make plans in consideration of how great the pictures can be then you're in luck. August is when most state fairs are open. State Fairs are the perfect place to eat, socialize, and take bomb pictures. Not only are they colorful and happy it's also a fairly cheap activity you can do with TONS of friends. I'm going to give you 5 tips on how to have the most Tumblr day at your local state fair.

Tip 1

Make the most out of colorful walls

Image by Jacquelyn Pisano
If there were a recipe for a perfect Instagram pic then colorful walls would be the flour. They make for a cute backdrop for an #OOTD, bestie pic, or my favorite FOOD. (Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles is the ultimate summer treat.)

Tip 2

Pick if you want to go at golden hour, when its bright, or at night

Trust me there is a difference. The Golden hour which is usually before the sunset and when the whole world is seemingly glowing with a heavenly sunlight. Bright hour as I call it anytime between noon and 3 PM. It's when the sun is the brightest and the sky is the bluest. At night, however, all the lights are on making the fair illuminate with fun flashing colors. Be warned through flash will be needed to get a clear photo.

cali, california, and carnival image

Tip 3

Choose a photogenic outfit

girl, outfit, and summer image
Sweatpants and a torn up baggy sweater in dull colors will NOT photograph well. Choose an outfit that accentuates your figure and that you feel confident in. Jean shorts are an easy and timeless staple that always photographs well.

Tip 4

Wear sweat proof makeup

beauty, blog, and makeup image
Summer may be ending but the heat is relentless. If you don't want your eyebrows melting off your face (Who does??) 30 minutes into the adventure, I strongly recommend using sweat proof makeup. One product I recommend is the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara, $6.

Tip 5

Charge your phone or bring a DSLR camera

amsterdam, blue, and girls image
Make sure your phone is 100% ready for a full day of snapping pics and snap chatting. My phone dies really quickly and if you share that struggle I recommend bringing a portable charger. If you'd rather take the DSLR route remember to never leave it unattended, someone will take it!

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