Helping out your local organizations is super important not only for your community but also for yourself. You leave a day of work feeling good about what you did, and knowing you were able to make a difference. If you're in high school and looking for what to do during the summer, or throughout the school year, find a local organization that means something to you. Working with and towards something you care about will give you enjoyment and should naturally add to your resumé while revealing something about who you are.

Your options aren't limited, no matter where you are, smaller local organizations will appreciate your willingness to help. These organizations need every little bit of help they can get, so don't be shy when asking about volunteer or work opportunities. If they have you submit an application or something of that sort; don't be worried if they don't get back to you immediately, instead give them a call or visit to make sure they received it and when they are thinking about being able to bring you on board.

You can work at your local shelter, bookstore, hospital, law firm, or anything else you have interest in.

Last summer, I worked at the local animal shelter. I had an interest in animals so I contacted the shelter. They were slow with getting back to me, but I made it a point to call every once and awhile and an occasional visit. Because I was consistent with asking how my application was doing I began to have a relationship with them. From that, they were flexible with the times that i would work, and the chores I would be doing. Building these relationships were very important when I began to work there.