There are countless great books that your english teacher’s have assigned in years past to prepare you for college, and adult life. This is a list of books that are must reads, or re-reads, for adult life.

Of course, the all time famous classics are necessary but there are also some contemporary novels that are must reads as well.

The importance of reading these books is in part for your personal enjoyment, but also to have the ability to be subject to the writing and to understand why these books are so highly acclaimed.

Starting with the older classics: The Great Gatsby: Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald it’s the story of the unrequited love of Mr. Gatsby towards his neighbor’s cousin. With the drama of the roaring twenties intertwined with the excitement of a confusing love affaire The Great Gatsby is not one to forget. Great Expectations: Charles Dickens’ 600 page story of a little boy growing up and the effect that a secret stranger has on his life’s outcome. With unbelievably interesting characters with a stunning end. Great Expectations falls second on our must read list. These two are must reads but the best way to find out what other books you should read is by asking friends and family.

If you have read the two older books we already recommended and want to read something a little more modern we recommend these two books: Looking for Alaska and Wild.

Happy reading!