I’ve always had a deep interest in literature. While in school I started studying poetry and grew so fond of it that my deep passion for it has lasted to this day as a business student in university.

Somehow reading Anne Sexton, Emily Dickinson or Herman Hesse gives me the feeling I am not alone. People always have struggled 60 or 600 years ago and have expressed their stories through poetic language and created their own art.

I was so preoccupied studying long gone poets that only late into my senior year of High School I realised a flourishing and aspirational scene of contemporary poets from all over the world. We are so lucky today that the internet gives us the opportunity to write and share beautiful poems and connect to others and share in similar emotions and thoughts.

Here is my first poetry pick, I'd like to share with you:

Sarah Kay

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I was recommended by a classmate to look into the poet Sarah Kay and watch a video by her called “When Love Arrives.” She is best known for her spoken word poetry and this piece moved me to tears. Shortly after I had to buy her book, a collection of poems that speak so honestly about getting to know yourself and exploring love and life around you. She is wise and witty and I love going back again and again to read some of my favorite pieces by her.

Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!