Going to college can be scary, especially your freshman year. It may be your first time away from home, or it may not be, regardless it is important that you feel comfortable in your dorm room.

To make sure that your dorm room moves away from that initial incredibly unwelcoming aura to your own personal space that makes you feel comfortable in your “home”. Here are three easy steps to help get your dorm room as cozy as possible.

1. The most important component to a cozy-welcoming room is lighting. Using the overhead lighting already supplied in the room isn't going to be inviting. To make the room warmer use a desk lamp, and a night stand lamp to light up your room; instead of an overhead lamp. If you want to get a lamp with a warm color lamp shade which will make your room have a warmer glow to it; as opposed to the blue light previously installed.

2. Bed sheets: find bed sheets in a pattern or look you like, and that will go with the rest of your room. Keeping the same brand and style bed sheets at home may help you feel more at home when in your room. The texture, and feel of the sheets is important too. Before purchasing them, remember to feel the sheets and make sure you like them. Pillows go by the same rules. make sure You know how firm or soft you lie your pillows. Small details like that will ensure a comfortable, relaxing night sleep the first few days away from home.

3. Storage is the hardest thing to get in dorm rooms. You have to be clever with how to store your clothing and other extra materials. The best way to conserve space with clothing is rolling up your clothes instead of folding them flat. Take a quick run to the Container Store to find your preferred trunks or baskets, and other handy storage products.
Once you get all the products you want

Happy shopping!