If you ever get bored at the beach these games are sure to help.

For the pool: a fun and cute decoration to a pool in the summer time is a fun pool float. Your favorite animal, food, or just something you like is perfect for any summer afternoon by the pool. For the best pool floats look at urbanoutfitters.com. For team games to play with your whole squad water polo is a fun, exciting game to play. All you need are two “goals” (which can be made out of anything) and a ball. Once you find a group to play you're all set!

For the beach: The hottest game to play at the beach right now is spike ball. You can play with up to four people and the sand makes it even more fun. If you grab any sort of boogie board, or floaty playing casual games in the breaking waves is always fun. Boogie boarding and wave riding races are a great way to have fun challenges together with friends.