With summer in full swing nothing is more difficult than trying to look calm, cool, and collected in the summer heat. But, fear not, there are tricks to appear as if you do, in fact, have it together in the summer heat.

The biggest struggle when the heat hits is the unwanted humidity. Using a good conditioner, one of which specifies that it fixes frizz, will help a lot. Usually around a day or two after you wash you will see full results, so don’t be so eager to wash your hair so frequently. If you're headed to the beach a small cloth head band will look cute and help keep your hair back all day. Picking a slight pattern and color that you like and goes with your hair and style can be the final touch to a cute beauty outfit you've been waiting to wear all winter.

To stay cool and comfortable, even when wearing a wet bathing suit, a thin light dress is a perfect solution. A pale color will keep you cool, and look summer chic.

Lastly, one of the hardest things to do when preparing for a beach day is finding a bathing suit that looks great on you. Pairing color to skin tone, and style to body type will turn heads when you get to your beachy destination. For paler skin pastel colors such as ivory, blue, pink will pair nicely with your skin. Match whatever color looks best with your hair color, and style. If you have darker skin darker colors look best such as: black, brown, olive, navy blue, or eggplant will look best. For something in the middle, lighter colors of yellow, red, orange and blue help you look sun kissed.