Contrary to the popular belief that Nineties fashion is slowly becoming less fashionable and making it’s way to the decade of the millennials, we think 90s fashion pieces are still total must haves and are perfect to combine and mix with other references.

Whether you feel like nostalgically revisiting your 90s childhood memories or are experiencing this whole trend anew - here comes an ultimate style guide for your new to be favorite key pieces and styles from a decade that seems a while ago but is still so relevant today.

We especially like new adaptations of the well-known 90s key pieces but see for yourself:


The era of grunge came up with some of the most iconic musicians and bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, but further inspired a whole generation to a fashion style that still suits us today.
Grunge was dominated by guitars and influenced by punk and metal. The edgy music was raw and reflected in the fashion of underground moody styles.

To be a perfect grunge girl think band shirts, fishnet tights, oversized flannels, ripped jeans and Dr. Martens.

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If you like grunge inspired styles but don’t want to go all black all the time, try experimenting with the so called “Soft Grunge”. This is a fashion style originated from a fusion of 90s and Goth fashion and mixes references from today. Take traditional grunge elements like Docs, ripped elements, checks or stripes, and fishnets and mix them with current trends like pastel and muted colors, embroidery and sports gear.

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Men’s Suits

Tailored men’s suits for women are not only super popular at the moment and represent the spirit of women who more and more empower themselves, it actually was chic in the nineties, already. Julia Roberts once accepted her Golden Globe in an oversized men’s suit just to name one.

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It’s more than time for us girls and women to step up and play with the big guys. We couldn't think of a better outfit for that than a suit. These are no longer only acceptable in traditional colors like black, grey, or blue. We especially love colorful ones and patterns that will guarantee a spectacular entrance.

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We know what ultimately comes to your mind when thinking of that fashion accessory: tattoos necklaces, velvet and silk chokers. But you can also think big and forward. Next to the traditional pieces we also love the idea of scarves, pearls and ribbons worn as a statement choker around your neck.

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Denim has been big for many decades before the nineties, but first punk and then grunge made ripped jeans even bigger. You can’t go wrong with ripped jeans and denim all over.

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The second inevitable denim trend every nineties women wore are high waisted mom jeans. Can’t think of a closet without them anymore? Here are some of our favorite pieces.

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What some of you may not know is that cuffing your denim pants started in the nineties.