I'm proud of some of my collections. Here are some of my favorite hearts from each collection.

Here's some nature for you

This is a newer collection, still not many images in it. It's all about different greens, and how dark green plants can make a white room feel much more special.

plants, green, and nature image plants, green, and white image plants, green, and nature image green, tropical, and theme image


This minimalist photos are insane! I'm still trying to hunt down who's the artist behind them. Send me a message if you know!

moon, coconut, and pink image pineapple, cd, and blue image orange, fruit, and bread image minimalist, pastel, and aesthetic image

Things that remind me of music

This is one of my oldest and most updated collections. You might think some images don't belong, but they remind me of a band or song for whatever reason, so for me they do.

rebel image Image by Ruan D'Ornellas eclipse, photography, and sky image flickr, photography, and pink image

That's it, these are the collections I'm most excited about right now.

I'd love to see you do a similar article and say which of your collections you like the most.

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