You’re the one that takes my breath away, like no one ever has. You’re the one that brings a smile to my lips, like no one ever has. You’re the one that lights a fire in my soul that rages on and is fueled by a desire only for you. When I look upon your face, all I see is the one who makes me happy. I see the sparkle in your gaze. I see the eternal joy and happiness in your smile. When you speak, your words are full of warmth and passion, which leaves me hanging onto every word that slips through your lips. When your hand reaches for mine, it’s some kind of complex simplicity, that feels so good. When you hug me, I know i’m yours. When we kiss, it’s cosmic. The world around me freezes and my mind drifts away, and we are surrounded by the stars. The only thing I can feel is your lips on mine and your hands wrapped around my waist. It stirs my emotions, my very soul. Kissing you is all consuming and earth shattering. My body melts. While kissing you it’s undeniable that I am at home and infatuated with you. Kissing you is so addictive that when you're near it’s all I can think about, it’s all I could ever want, all that I could ever need. My heart, my mind, and my spirit, love you all at once. They only want you, I only want you. I love you, all of you, with all of myself, with all of me.