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Ophelia Holz || OC

by @♛queenliness♛


Daughter of Khalid Holz and Kralice Rubína

Date of birth: before IW - age 35 years old
Appearance: brown hair (Reddish), Blue eyes , Skin color: pantone 71-4c.

Affiliation: Holz (birth) Rubína (mother) Sternensohn (daughter)
Rank: Princess (Youth) sultan (adulthood)

Family: Eoscile (daughter), Nubia (sister) Lykófos and Eros (Twin Grandchildren) Khalfan (brother)
Alke, Aglaia, Adikia(Granddaughters)

Love interests: Ko's (Lover)

Species: Human
Weapon: Jambia
Animal: tiger