I am the dragon breathing fire
Beautiful mane, I'm the lion
Beautiful man, I know you're lying

My collection is of Beyoncé , Jay Blue Ivy & the Twins family Destiny's Child ,infact everything to do with Beyoncé - Art Gifs Formation World Tour Mrs Carter Show World Tour to name a few. I hope you enjoy looking through as much as I've enjoyed making this collection 👑🐝😊

Just pictures of the greatest entertainer alive 👸🏽

This is collection about Beyoncé Art . There are so many different varieties of Beyoncé Art no 2 are the same .Y'all also find some Blue Ivy & Jay Art in my collection as well .Hope you enjoy looking through

queen bey

@jayne_reed_33 “Being named ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Woman’, it’s really hard to say. It’s overwhelming. It makes me feel very crunchy - & that means embarrassed.” - Beyoncé  


@jayne_reed_33 “My life was awards shows, and tour buses, and hotels and it kinda goes by so fast. You’re getting awards and people are saying how much they respect you but I couldn’t even hear it anymore.” - Beyoncé  

beyonce art

@jayne_reed_33 Beyoncé with Twins Rumi & Sir Carter  


@jayne_reed_33 Beyoncé with Rumi & Sir Carter  


@jayne_reed_33 Botticelli's Birth of Venus into Birth of Rumi and Sir Carter