All About Exo

πŸ’žwe are oneπŸ’˜
Is a planet outside the solar system:The meaning of ExoπŸŒπŸ”†
Suho/kim joon myun(κΉ€μ€€λ©΄)🐰
D.o/do kyung soo(λ„κ²½μˆ˜)🐧
Kai/kim jong in(김증인)🐻
Sehun/oh se hoon(μ˜€γ……γ…γ…£ν›ˆ)
Xiumin/kim min seok(μ‹œμš°λ―Ό)
Chen/kim jong dae(κΉ€μ¦λŒ€)πŸ‰
Lay/zhang yi xing(μž₯이싱)
Chanyeol/park chanyeol(λ°•μ°¬μ—΄)🐯
Baekhyun/byun baek hyun(λ³€λ°±ν˜„)


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