Safety ♡

A army of hot Asians who dress to impress and have better hair then me. Aka hit singles and single Pringles.

I might not be able to update this collection frequently cause I'm not an EXO-L anymore:( I used to be an EXO-L til August 2016, not anymore cause being honest I only have time for one group:( and that group is BTS♥ there's a lot of members in EXO (including former members) hence I can't catch up with their activities </3 However I'm kinda an EXO stan :')♥ I still love the members and their music and ocasionally I try to catch up with their activities.♥

For you guys EXO-L ❤️💓💕

fun fact: This was my 1st kpop collection and I mixed both groups bc I thought being an EXO and BTS fan would be just a hobby, lol