Para personas enamoradas ❤️

This is my quotes collection.. In where I put quotes that I like and can relate to.. I have a very random mind and I can and find my sometimes just sit or stand and look up the window and just think. Just think about the world and my feelings about it and everyone in it. I can be very happy but I can also be sad and think that none will ever understand me. and so I look at this quotes and thinks that everything is gonna be alright and that there's always someone out there who will..

Cats that are prettier than me 🤷🏻‍♀️

luna hart is love. she is passionate and overpowering at times. she is determined, headstrong, sometimes reckless. she is seeing red. she is the burning when one feels too much. she is brash and careless, but careful, warm, and welcoming. she feels like home and safety. she is one not easily put into words. luna hart is red.


@danybarreto900 Black is the color that speaks for yourself to others on how much you hate everyone and everything around you♡