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This is about what's inside my mind. I like to fill this collection to make me better. I may be a little insane, a little strange sometimes, I hope you'll enjoy

øyeblikk innen fiksjon som jeg fant en bit av meg i... eller en bit av noe jeg ønsker meg. Dette er filmer og bøker som er ihjel-lest/sett, sett, ikke set/lest (men er på listen),

myth ; persephone
Persephone (Περσεφονη) ; Queen of the Underworld //Alter Ego Kore/Cora (The Maiden) ; Goddess of Spring Growth.
She who walks the floors of hell finds the key to the gates of her own heaven, buried there like a seed.

Quotes help us understand , inspire , motivate ,clarify and show our approach to things around , this is why people and I love quotes.


@itsbayxrn "Dear Sana, this speech is for you. And you'll get it, because what you've invited us to, today, will knock over American presidents, tommorrow."  


@metteflt Mette || the struggle is real