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the only an only GOT7

Im JaeBum.The *harabhuji* leader Vocals💯.#EatAndSleepDefSoul
Mark Tuan.The hyung who looks like the maknae.Silent treatment💯 #GangsterMarkWhoKnwsHowToFly😜
Jackson Wang aka Variety Skills Wang😂Raspy voice Raps💯 #JacksonMakesOrganicMelodies😜
Park Jinyoung aka NOT junior anymore! 😂Judging face💯 #ActorParkCanSpeakWithHisEyes😜
Choi Youngjae.SUNSHINE of the grp😂 ENGRISH💯#OurOtterIsTheMainVocal😜
Bambam aka dabdab😂Craziness💯#BamBooCannotBStopped😜
Kim Yugyeom.Maknae💖#HitTheGyeom😜


@Igot7trash JJP ♡ The happiest parents ever 😚😚