Androgynous Creatures, Exceptional Beings

by Vulnavia Fangbangs

Clorox Cocktails: by Enrique Vargas
Clint Catalyst Photo Gallery - Modeling/Clint Catalyst, Photo by Amanda Brooks
Kabuki Starshine modeling Thierry Mugler
Visual Artist Trojan with Performance Artist/Designer/Musician Leigh Bowery
Oh, The Glamour! | via Tumblr
When The Rainbow Flag Is Not Enough | via Tumblr
Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Portrait of Louis Parsons by Peter Ashworth
All sizes | Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Likes | Tumblr
Spinning Bird Kick
Cream Short Sleeve Knit Tshirt From Topman, Bow Tie From Best Vintage, Creepers From Online, Plain White Shirt, Diy Jeans // "Pretentious poses and self timer sessions" by Jamie Ryan Dee //
.The Holy Grail. | slasherfanzine: Miles McMillan by Mert & Marcus...
Clint Catalyst Photo Gallery - Modeling/Keeping The "Gay" in Geisha
She’s in Parties |
beauty nursed on darkness
rats live on no evil star
there is a downside to bedtime. i live a sort of... - LOOSE TOOTH// LOST YOUTH