Disney 😍

A little random collection of what my fashion taste is. What art styles draw my attention the most and what creative ideas are the most remembered in my mind. Full of all the quotes I hang onto the most and all the fandoms and people I adore are here. And memes, too!- Teardrop🌊

Heart of chief, soul of a dragon🐉

Desenhos para inspiração de desenhistas anônimos... Quando estou com pouca imaginação uso eles para me inspirar, são de grande ajuda para mim... Mas vc pôde ser daqueles que simplesmente adora arte, serve pra você também.

Art you may or may not like. [FACT] I consider Anime as art, but that will now be in another collection :3 (Also, BATIM FanArt has its own collection owo). Seriously, art is B E A U T I F U L <3 Please enjoy this collection as much as I do! ;3- Teardrop🌊


@zuzanna_conrad ArtStation - Fa Mulan, Mioree .  


@vivianaa_gonzalez Kitcat