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I mean... this one's pretty obvious. All things Harry Potter/the Wizarding World!

This is literally just a collection of my favourite things on we heart it!

A bit of this, a bit of that. Some of it is funny, some of it shatters your soul. Just the usual, really.

most funny shit I've ever found on the internet.


@kindslytherin This is why I personally find Draco a fascinating character. I only wish we had more of his back story.:  


@moonylune Harry Potter | Hufflepuff Handmade Banner  


@MarielSarlotta my life as a background Slytherin | Yule Ball coming up | Sweet Jesus | McGonagall taught us Gryffindors some moves | We got Snape | How did it go? | I mean there was a lot of y'know | Yas children! Flounce!