Teen Wolf Has My Heart

He descrives you as a monster. 'I was.'

Teen Wolf is the new black

" – in 20 year, I guarantee you I will be lydia's seconde husband " ... " – What happened with my first? " ... " – Nothing you can prove "


@mermaidlyds liam losing people he cares about in s6 x (6x10 was epic, way more edits to come!) + thiam is my new obsession  


@mermaidlyds tw brotps x brother by needtobreathe (i feel like i don't appreciate our males enough, so here you go. thiam added to the list after 6x09) + can't edid 6x09 bc screencaps are not officialy out yet  

cody christian

@reader_infinite_9 theo raeken || cody christian || teen wolf