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"Heroes never die."

I love overwatch, i want to play it but i don't have it 😢plz kill me, but i'm saving money to buy it.
I ship: genji x mercy, x lucio, and sometime widowmaker x tracer, reaper x mercy, mercy x soldier 76, mei x junkrat, and sombra x mcgree but my fav, Fav, FAV is mercy x genji

Anime and comic. Varies depending on my current favorite thing be it a manga, comic, or anime. Though it's likely you can see the reoccurring theme as you scroll through.
•Jason Todd
•Levi Ackerman
•Kuroo tetsūro
•Hajime iwaizumi
•Shouto Todoroki
(Update as I go along)

an experience


@tyhulse The Last Of Us - Ellie by on @DeviantArt:  


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