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Relatable. #meeveryday
Inazuma Eleven (GO) by zerochan // via Eris_Dreambound 9698189
Yan He&Zhanyin Lorra ~♡
Mei ~♡
Mei ~♡
Touko ~♡
Kantai Collection ~♡
IA ~♡
I really don't know what's happening here.
Yes, I love this song.
Just when you think you've had enough Ritsu x Lily...Jk.
I didn't realize Len was wide eyed because he was staring at Luka's boobs till THE NEXT DAY. (◑﹏◐)
My UTAU otp. ≧◡≦ They are so KAWAII! Also, is it bad I'm starting to think Ritsu is a girl?
Jirachi ~♡
Swablu ~♡
Latios&Latias ~♡
UTAU&Vocaloid ~♡
Komaeda Nagito, and Hajime Hinata. Photo from Zerochan (I think...?)