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🎶right from the start, I knew that I found a home for my heart❤
You're such a diamond💎
You're so cute I'm gonna kiss u💖
Fall is coming💫❤️😍
I want you so bad it hurts...
When you grabbed me and looked at me I knew, I got so lost in your eyes ... Your touch. You heavily breathing down my neck and your words "iv fallen in love with you"
Stay with me cause you're all i need❤️
True luv is everything.... 💓
The one u love 💔 💔
I love u........but...be happy please... 💔 💚
I'm in love now... Kiss me 💘 💚 😍 💓 i luv this song!
💑 😍 💖
Bisous avec mon chaton...
You and I
i ❤️ u
Throwback.. Happy birthday honey bunch!❤️ xoxo
< Kiss me hard before you go >