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Photo Taken by @arielladarden on Instagram
Trying to be Tumblr
Spring 🌸
Oriental Inspired Pool
The natural landscaping around this pool really makes the whole thing. Flowers and rocks can make a pool look like a part of the yard. And if you can get a good fence installed as well, you're set.
I love the wood fence around the pool. Fencing is required in most states, so it's important to find a style you like. If you do it right, it can become a natural part of the yard and pool.
The lighting in and around this pool is amazing. I'd love to jump in, especially since it's so warm outside right now. Having a pool would be a great way to cool off in the summer.
Something from my flower garden
Yep! I grew that!
I love the look of frameless shower doors. They add a lot of class to a bathroom while staying functional. And they look good no matter what style the bathroom is in.
I love the stonework with the pool in this picture. I've always wanted a pool, but not just any one will do. I'd like to have a pool that fits in naturally with the yard and is part of the landscaping.