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Our team is rocking it healthy with It Works Greens smoothie in our booth at the Gila County Fair!  Love this job!
Plastic Wrap Nails
Betty Broccoli | via Tumblr
Kiss lips blue coffee cozy tea cozy knit cup cozy by HandmadeTrend
Floral Crochet cup cozy tea cup cozy Mug warmer by HandmadeTrend
Best mommy purple cozy coffee cup cozy Mug wrap by HandmadeTrend
Navy Blue Lace Dress
Goes so fucking hard
Coffee  | via Tumblr
Wrap Me Up
Pin by Imani Sims on How Black Gyrl's do it | Pinterest
40 Days of DVF: Day 6
40 Days of DVF: Day 6
Extra Long Bohemian Necklace/ Taupe Sage Mint by ALFAdesigns
Extra Long Art Nouveau Garland Flapper Necklace by ALFAdesigns
Extra Long Bridal Wrap Necklace Silver White Cream by ALFAdesigns
Grey Burgundy Black Wrap Necklace Extra Long Multi by ALFAdesigns
Sky Blue Gold Extra Long Wrap Necklace 76 Lampwork by ALFAdesigns